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Early Signs of Pregnancy

So you think you might be pregnant? There are a few signs and symptoms which are associated with early pregnancy. None of these can be taken as certainty that you are pregnant though if you experience more that one of the symptoms, this might be the case. The surest sign of being pregnant is a positive pregnancy test. Home tests can be purchased which usually provide a result from the first day of your missed period, and there are some tests which can obtain a result up to four days before your period is due. Alternatively your doctor will be able to carry out a test to confirm if you are pregnant or not.

Other possible signs of pregnancy include…

A missed period may be a tell tale sign. If your cycle is regular and your period doesn't start when you expect it to, this may be because you are pregnant.

You may experience light spotting which can happen which implantation occurs whereby the fertilised egg attaches itself to the endometrial lining of the womb. This would happen just before you period is due and will be far lighter and shorter that a normal menstrual bleed and may be accompanied by cramping.

Morning sickness can begin from around 5 weeks of pregnancy but has been reported to start even earlier so you may feel nauseous, dizzy and light-headed. Contrary to its name, these feelings can occur at any time of day and are not limited to the morning.

Food cravings are commonly associated with pregnancy and whilst alone cannot be assumed to be caused by pregnancy, may indicate that this is the case if experienced in conjunction with other pregnancy symptoms.

Tiredness is a common sign of early pregnancy as high levels of progesterone in the body take effect.

You may be feeling the need to urinate frequently. An enlarging uterus puts pressure on the bladder to the point where later on in pregnancy you may feel that you have an extremely full bladder even when you do not!

Constipation can be an early symptom as high levels of progesterone relax the bowels and slow digestion.

Tender and swollen breasts or nipples can occur as hormonal changes caused by conception can lead to breasts feeling larger or swollen and tender to the touch. You may also notice a darkening of the areolas.

Your basal body temperature increases at ovulation (a marker which you can use to your advantage when trying for a baby). If you do not conceive your temperature will lower however if you are successful, your temperature will remain elevated and you may feel noticeably warmer.

Your sense of taste may change and certain foods or smells might make you feel nauseous. Some women also report having a strange metallic taste in their mouth.

You may feel more emotional and even weepy. These mood swings can be caused by the high levels of pregnancy hormones which enter your body in early pregnancy.

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