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fetal monitoring

fetal monitoring

Tips for using a Baby Heart Monitor Fetal Doppler

A full bladder makes the heartbeat easier to locate with the baby heart monitor, especially in the earlier stages of pregnancy when the prenatal ultrasound is weaker.

Sit or better still, lye down comfortably

The baby is normally positioned lower than you think

Use a generous amount of prenatal ultrasound gel. You may need to reapply more as it will dry up quite quickly

Start by placing the fetal monitoring probe just above your bikini line and tilt it downwards, towards your pubic bone



Move VERY SLOWLY, to locate the heartbeat. By moving too quickly, you may miss it

Don't slide the probe around too much, but rather lift it off and re apply it in a new position. This will prevent the build up of background static

If you cannot locate the baby's heartbeat, have a drink or snack and take a walk around to encourage the baby to change position

The baby's heartbeat should be easy to recognise as it is much faster than your own and sounds like a galloping horse. The baby's will be about 110 - 160 bpm which is about twice as fast as yours

You may also hear a whooshing sound which is the placenta.



Don't panic if you don't find the baby's heartbeat straight away. There are many reasons as to why this might be but it is most likely that you just need a little practice fetal monitoring. Remember that the foetus is still quite small in the early stages of pregnancy so finding the heartbeat will not always be immediate or easy.

Using a baby heart monitor fetal doppler at home is meant to be a fun way for you to bond with your baby and for your loved ones to share in this exciting time. It is not intended to replace recommended anti-natal care.

If you have any worries or concerns about your pregnancy at any time, talk to your doctor or mid-wife.

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