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Ask An Expert

Are 4D scans safe for the baby?

As far as it is known, 4D scans do not cause any harm to the baby. However, it should be remembered that a 4D scan is of not necessarily of any diagnostic value for yourself and the pregnancy, and that the 20 week normal ultrasound more than adequate for picking up potential problems.

At my 20 week scan, my EDD came forward a week. Which date should I consider to be my due date?

The general rule of thumb is that if there is more then 7 days difference between your period dates and an early scan (ie: at 12 weeks) then you use the scan date. Dating is less accurate at the 20 week scan, so if there is more than 14 days difference, you would change to scan date. In your case, your EDD remains as it was, however your baby will come when it is ready!

Is it true that your pregnancy, labour and birth are likely to be similar to those had by your mother.

There is some truth in this, although it is not as straight forward as that. One of the factors that influences your labour is the shape of your pelvis, and this is something that you may well have inherited from your mother. You can get a good idea by comparing body shapes, do you both have a pear shape, or flat bottom for example. Other things that will influence labour is the size and position of the baby and positions that you adopt during the birth. Some conditions such as pre-eclampsia or diabetes are more likely if someone else in your immediate family had it.

Do any of the old wives tales about how to bring about labour actually work?

Sex and curry! These have been proven to work, but only if your body is preparing to go in to labour anyway. Avoid taking caster oil, it doesn't work and has a nasty effect.

I am 28 weeks pregnant and constantly feel thirsty despite drinking a great deal throughout the day. Should this be of concern?

I would advise you to see your midwife, and she will test your urine for sugar as this could be a symptom of diabetes.

I rarely get headaches but since being pregnant get bad ones quiet regularly. Is this normal?

Some women to find that they get headaches during pregnancy, but it is always worth mentioning this to your midwife and she will keep an eye on your blood pressure.

Is it safe to use foot spas during pregnancy?


My siblings and I were all two weeks overdue and large babies (over 9lbs each) therefore am I likely to encounter this too?

Not necessarily. There are many factors that influence the size of your baby, such as the size of your partner and your diet and lifestyle. Most women go over their due date, and it is still not known what actually triggers the labour. It has recently been suggested that the timing of labour has a hereditary link on the fathers side of the family!

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