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Pregnancy Glossary T - Z


TENS machine
Safe and effective drug free method of pain relief during childbirth

Third Stage
This refers to the third stage of labour, when the placenta is delivered.

Parasite found it cat faeces and raw meat which is seriously dangerous to the unborn child.

Transverse Lie
Baby is lying across the womb rather than head-down

Trial of labour
A trial of vaginal delivery where it is uncertain whether the head will pass through the pelvic bones adequately

Any one of the three successive three month periods (first, second and third trimesters) into which pregnancy may be divided

Triple Test
Blood test that can detect whether or not a woman has an increased risk of their baby having either Spina Bifida or Down's Syndrome.


Ultrasound scan
Screening system using sound waves from womb to build up images of unborn baby on computer screen.

Umbilical cord
Cord containing blood vessels which connects the baby to the placenta

Medical term for womb


Vacuum Extraction
See 'Ventouse'

A silicone or metal cap attached to a suction pump which is fitted onto the baby's head in the birth canal to assist birth.

Protective layer of thick white grease covering babies at birth


See 'Amniotic Fluid'

Water Birth
Immersion in water during labour for pain relief purposes (see birthing pool).

Waters Breaking
Release of the amniotic fluid surrounding the unborn baby prior to birth. Sometimes referred to as 'rupture of the membranes'.

Another term for uterus


The first stage of the fertilized egg, prior to cell division and implantation in the lining of the womb.

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