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Thank you so much for this wonderful device. It has been amazing listening to my baby's heartbeat for the first time. I will be renting from you again in the near future.

Stacey, Lancs, November 2009

Many thanks, I don't know what I would have done without the doppler.

Lisa, Essex, November 2009

This was a wonderful purchase for reassurance during pregnancy and I will recommend to people I know. Thank you.

Samantha, Lancashire, Nov 2009

I found the doppler very useful during my pregnancy and will be recommending you to all of my friends. I am totally convinced your doppler saved my baby as the day I was due to be induced I checked for my baby's heartbeat and couldn't find it. I was told to come straight in, my waters broke when I arrived and they discovered she had done her first poo inside! Luckily my baby was fine and born by ceasarean section, happy and healthy, but without your machine it might have been a different story!

Rachel, London, October 2009

Many thanks for providing a wonderful service. The doppler was fantastic - found the heartbeat every time!

Carly, Dorset, October 2009

Can I just express what a fantastic service it is that you offer and the amount of enjoyment we all got out of using it!!! And on the odd occasion when I didn't feel I had felt a movement it gave me the reassurance I needed! However little junior makes sure we are all aware now with such vigorous movements!!! But once again thank you for the fantastic service and I will certainly be returning for a tens machine when the time nears.

Sam, Lancashire, Sept 2009

Our little girl arrived on the 10th September weighing a healthy 7lb 4.5oz, and i was stress free thanks to having your doppler on hand, it also saved me a lot of unnecessary trips to hospital. thanks

Jenny, Cumbria, September 2009

Hi, Just to let you know that i am sending back the doppler i rented from yourselves as im a few weeks away from my due date and feel i dont need it anymore. Really pleased with your service and both me and my Fiance highly recommend having a doppler. We used it many times.

Donna, Scotland, September 2009

Thank you very much - it was an amazing experience hearing my baby's heartbeat - you provide a wonderful service!

Charlotte, Leicester, August 2009

As first time parents, it (the doppler) provided us with peace of mind that our bump was doing ok without having to run to the midwifes or hospital every time we were slightly worried or anxious. The machine was so easy to use and once we learnt home to find the heartbeat, it only took us a matter of seconds to hear the sound of galloping horses, which turned out to be our gorgeous Daughter's heartbeat....... So thank you and we couldn't recommend your facilities highly enough!!!!

Mark, Londonderry, August 2009

As our beautiful baby boy arrived last Friday I have posted the doppler back to you today. It proved INVALUABLE to us during the pregnancy - as any day when he was a little quiet it was such a relief to be able to listen in to him. The unit was taken away on all our overnight trips, and even if we didnt have to use it,, it was great to know that we had it. We could have purchased one I guess, but to be honest we didnt want to do anything to jinks things (even the travel system stopped at grannies house until I needed it to bring him and mummy home from the hospital, because somebody told us it was unlucky to have the pram in the house before the baby was born!). In about 18months time we will start thinking about a brother or sister for little Jake, and we will be using your service again. Thank you

Paul, Middx, July 2009

Just to let you know I will be returning my BT2000 doppler this week. Excellent product and was definitely worth hiring.

Anna, Co. Durham, July 2009

Thanks for the confirmation – the monitor was very useful and your service excellent and I am now a dad to a little boy & a little girl.

Paul, Kent, July 2009

Hi i am just sending you a quick email to let you know i am returning my doppler as i no longer have a use for it. it has been a blessing throughout my pregnacy and i thank you for a great service

Zoe, Devon, June 2009

Would like to say many thanks for the 2 months of an amazing experiance and the e-mails that we had letting us know when we had to return it and then with the e-mail today that you got it ok. Brilliant service.

Hannah, Somerset, June 2009

Just wanted to say thank you for your excellent customer service. You make it so easy and hassle free. Just wanted to say that our daughter, Isobel, was born today! Thanks again

Phill, Wiltshire, May 2009

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your fetal doppler. It arrived so quickly and at only 10 weeks I am able to hear my baby's heartbeat! Great service!

Suzie, Kent, May 2009

Thanks very much. We were delighted with the Doppler, and used it loads throughout the pregnancy. Having gone through a miscarriage last year, being able to hear our little one’s heartbeat was a massive source of reassurance. We’ll be back in touch when No.2 is on the way! Thanks again

Paul, Shrewsbury, April 2009

Can I also just say thank you very, very much - I will recommend your company & services to all the pregnant people I meet. I was extremely impressed by the promt delivery of my doppler and the quality of the doppler amazed me (and my boyfriend & family).. It was the best £9.95 I ever spent! Once again thank you.

Stacey, Antrim, April 2009

Thanks for your email and the great service you offer. I found the doppler very reassuring! Will highly recommend.

Dena, Yorkshire, March 2009

I recieved my doppler yesterday and I am over the moon with the service, took less than 24 hrs to arrive. Listened to the baby's heartbeat soon after recieving it and the sound is very reassuring

Lisa, Scotland, March 2009

I am just sending an email to confirm that I am returning my Fetal Doppler by recorded delivery – it was brilliant! I have recommended this to many pregnant people in my antenatal classes especially in early pregnancy when you can’t feel the baby moving because it’s so small. Thank you again for the great service.

Tamara, February 2009

My wife gave birth on January 29th to our beautiful baby daughter Elizabeth. Your doppler was very useful for our peace of mind between Midwife visits and we would like to thank you very much for your service and doppler

John, Holyhead, February 2009

The machine was fantastic and gave us some reassuring and memorable moments. May we also say that your service was first class and we will be praising you to our friends. Thank you.

Lisa, Inverness, January 2009

I know you may recieve many emails to wade through but I just wanted to say thank you so much, I've heard my baby's heartbeat with the doppler machine and it's absolutely wonderful, I didn't even know such a machine existed until I came across your listing on ebay. Thank you so much and thank you for providing the renting service, it's such a good idea as the machines are quite expensive to buy.
kind regards

Cath, Cumbria, November 2008

Thank you so much, it's been wonderful to hear our baby is doing well with this device. I first heard the heartbeat at 9 weeks pregnant with a VERY FULL bladder - I'd just received the doppler and thought I'd give it a go!! I was amazed I timed it at around 150 BPM! Since then for the last four weeks it's given confidence in these early stages. Thanks again.

Emma, Lancs, October 2008

Thank you very much for the rental, it was so reassuring to hear my baby's heartbeat as and when I could. Thank you.

Sarah, Hertfordshire, September 2008

Many thanks for a great product, it reassured me several times and the baby has now arrived, safe and sound. Thank you and regards.

Brenda, Berkshire, September 2008

Please find enclosed the Doppler we rented, it was very easy to use and was very reassuring. I am only 18 weeks now but found the heartbeat straight away each time. It made us and our family very, very happy to hear the strong little heart. Thank you.

Rebecca, Essex, August 2008

It was great being able to hire the monitor and I will definitely use the service again soon. Thanks for your help and good service.

Sophie, London, August 2008

I am now returning the fetal Doppler as I have given birth to my baby daughter. Having the Doppler has been really, really useful and, if I ever decide to do this again, I would use your service again - it has been excellent.

Stephanie, Staffordshire, August 2008

The Doppler was a huge relief to have on the days when my unborn baby decided to be very quiet! We now have a beautiful baby daughter who was born last Thursday, the Doppler was used right up until the birth day as peace of mind.

I will certainly recommended you to my friends and also hire the Doppler for my next pregnancy.

Kirsty, Middlesex, July 2008

Very many thanks for a great service. This is the second time I have hired a monitor from you, and hopefully there will be a third soon!

Wendy, Lincoln, June 2008

I would like to say thankyou. I can't express enough how much the reassurance of being able to hear our baby's heartbeat meant to us both.

Ms Baker, Northamptonshire, June 2008

Thank you for your help and service. The Doppler was invaluable for peace of mind! My daughter is now here safe and sound.

Vicki, Berkshire, May 2008

It was great having the doppler throughout my pregnancy - very reassuring, and easy to use. I would have driven my husband crazy with my paranoia if it hadn't been for the doppler! Thanks again - great product.

Julia, Glasgow, April 2008

I thoroughly enjoyed using the doppler and found it very reassuring to hear our unborn child. I am going in today for the birth, so no longer will need it. Many thanks.

Aisling, Scotland, March 2008

I just wanted to say thank you for the superb service you provided when I hired a foetal LCD doppler. Your staff were extremely helpful and efficient and I would definitely recommend hi-baby to anyone.

Mrs R Moss, Herts, March 2008

I have very much enjoyed using the Doppler and would certainly recommend you to any future mothers.

Lisa , Morecambe, Feb 2008

I would like to say thank you for giving me and my husband the opportunity to listen to our unborn baby's heart beat which gave us such reassurance and joy. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy weighing 7lbs 8oz in the comfort of my own home

With such a courteous service I would not hesitate to recommend your company to friends and family and will hopefully be using you again soon.

Zoe, Swansea, Feb 08

I have thoroughly enjoyed renting the BT 200 Sound Fetal Doppler which arrived very promptly. In the early weeks of my pregnancy it was 100% reassuring to be able to hear the baby's heartbeat and know that all was well - I know it saved a lot of excess worry and shattered nerves!

The device was easy to use; I first heard the heartbeat using the Doppler at 13 weeks and it really helped get me through the weeks between my ultrasound scans. Thank you for supplying Fetal Dopplers to rent and for an excellent service

Jane, Bucks, February 2008

I would like to say a huge thank you for allowing myself and my family to have such a wonderful experience by using the doppler. I will be in touch to order a tens machine soon. Many thanks.

Nina, Kent, February 2008

Thank you for the chance to hear how our baby girl is doing

Mrs Holloway, February 2008, Manchester

Wow! thank you, very good customer service, I will recommend you to all our new pregnant friends!

Richard, Coventry, Jan 08

We enjoyed using the Doppler throughout the pregnancy and have recommended your service to several of our friends.

Graeme, January 2008, Northern Ireland

Thanks very much. I found this to be an amazing product and I'm just sad to see it go!!

Sean & Louise, Scotland, January 2008

Once baby decided to come out of hiding, I found it very reassuring to hear the heartbeat! I can now feel movement (which is fab!), so that's why I'm returning the doppler early.

Ms Watch

Thank you very much for your excellent service

S Loveridge, December 2007

I am returning the fetal Doppler. This has been a god send at times. Thank you for the service you provide. I hope to keep in touch with you all. You've been very kind every time I've called.

Angela, December 2007, Leicester

Thank you very much it was lovely to be able to listen to baby's heartbeat during the pregnancy and we are now proud parents to baby Thomas.

Caroline, November 2007, Derbyshire

Thank you the Doppler was a real help.

Emma, Cambs, November 2007

I have found it [fetal doppler] very reassuring and I was going to rent it for another month, however I am having that many movements now that I don't really need it. Thank you very much for the wonderful service I have received.

Natalie Wilkinson, Shropshire, October 2007

Thank you for your service- most reassuring to my wife, particularly with those quiet days. We now have a wonderful son. Thanks again

T Pearson, Tamworth, October 2007

Thank you for lending us this wonderful piece of equipment, it has been such a source of relief the past few months! Thanks again.

L Stewart, Liverpool, October 2007

Thank you so much for this wonderful machine. It has given us so much peace of mind and many a magical moment. It has brought us all closer together as a family…Having this to listen to connected me to the baby so much more and it has really helped my toddler connect with the 'bump'. Thank you again.

Daisy Bees, Radstock, October 2007

I have enjoyed every minute of using it [fetal Doppler], and now can feel baby kicking, so feel I dont need it now. Many Thanks

Emma Robinson, October 2007

My baby was born 12 weeks early. I wish to thank you as without the Doppler the last few weeks of my pregnancy would have been far scarier than they were. Thanks again.

D Baker, Nottinghamshire Sept 2007

We have loved listening to our baby and have bored everyone we know! Many thanks.

Miss Hill, Herts - September 2007

Thank you for the usage of this, both my sister and I have had clear minds that all is well when we can hear are little's ones.

D Luck, Northampton, September 2007

This product (fetal doppler) was definitely a great product to hire. Thank you for providing an amazing experience and much sought reassurance over the past few months.

C Forbes, September 2007

Many thanks (for the doppler) it has been a great comfort having it.

S Ashcroft, September 2007

This is a fantastic service you offer - well done, will definitely be recommending to my friends who become pregnant in the future.

L Dalgleish, Edinburgh, September 07

Thank you for your excellent prompt service. I hope to be able to use one again in the future.

Ms Cox, Bournemouth, August 2007

I just wanted to say thank you as the service has been faultless and I will definitely use your company again in the future and recommend you to my friends and family.

R Needham, Leicester, August 2007

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“I just wanted to say thank you as the service has been faultless and I will definitely use hi-baby again in the future and recommend you to my friends and family.”

R Needham, Leicester

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